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Led by Dorle Feldmeier and Nicole Rasmussen from +R

(Training is in German)

Welcome to the Designing Your Life for Women Retreat – 2 days just for yourself - taking a breath, stopping the business of everyday life.


This retreat is designed for women from all walks of life, aiming to inspire, empower, and grow.

Connect with a diverse group of women, who share your passion for growth. Share stories, build friendships, and be part of a supportive community that celebrates womanhood in all its forms.

Gain valuable insights and practical skills for enhancing your daily life and creating a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.


Your personal journey will unfold in a wonderful location at the Lake Starnberg, just outside of Munich, where we will embark together on:


  • Applying design thinking and design mindsets to life design, increasing your creativity and confident use of design tools.

  • Engage in mindfulness practices, wellness activities and relaxation techniques designed to calm your mind, body and spirit.

  • Exploring the social, gender and personal narratives that shape us. 

  • Reframing dysfunctional beliefs, especially those unique to women.

  • Defining the meaning of work and life and how they can be coherent to form your compass.

  • Designing the balance and energy you need to fuel your life. 

  • Framing and reframing problems you’ve been stuck on and ideate in “radical collaboration for new solutions. 

  • Envisioning three potential future lives and learn how to prototype the parts of these lives that are most compelling to you

  • Tuning into the wisdom from multiple ways of knowing and hone your decision-making process.

  • Creating a Designer’s Action plan for real change.

  • Connecting with other women who could help you make progress on your action plan.

  • Speed coaching session with one of the facilitators


Join us for this empowering retreat, where you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, wellness and personal growth.


Reserve your spot now and take ownership in designing a life you can flourish in.

2-day Retreat: 999€ - early bird (until 31.04.2024): 799€

Dates: 31.05 - 01.06.2024 in Niederpöcking / Starnberg

Request enrollment now!

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About Dorle Feldmeier

Dorle cares deeply about life, career and every single one of her clients! Professionally, Dorle looks back on +20 years of in-deapth experience as:

  • An HR consultant with in the area of HR strategy, talent management, engagement, leadership culture and employer branding.

  • Freelance consultant in the area of personnel selection- and development personal and life coach supporting individuals and groups in phases of personal and professional change, development and crisis.

  • Dorle holds a B.A. in Psychology, a M.A. in Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education as well as a Master in Systemic Counselling.

  • Dorle is a certified Stanford Life Design Coach and facilitator Personally, Dorle is mother to 2 kids and lifes in the wonderful alps where she participates every 10 years in the famous Oberammergauer Passion plays.  


About Nicole D. Rasmussen

Nicole is an entrepreneur and people developer at heart. Professionally, Nicole has gained a variety of experiences throughout the last +20 years:


  • Managing teams and smaller organizations in the field of consulting, training, retail and whole sale

  • Profound experience as an HR consultant, organizational developer and leadership trainer

  • Nicole holds a MSc in Organizational Change & Leadership from Pfeiffer University, Charlotte, NC, USA as well as a Masters in International Business from the University of Applied Science in Mainz and a Degree as a Banker.

  • Nicole is a certified Stanford Life Design  Coach and Facilitator Personally, Nicole has 3 kids, lives in Starnberg and is currently self-healing from cancer.

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