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We look forward to a revitalizing and cleansing POWER DETOX DAY with you at GROW!


DETOX hacks for your body:

🔍 Recognize & avoid toxin sources: Discover how you can consciously avoid toxins to rid your body of unnecessary stress.


🌱 Activate detoxification organs: Embark on a short journey through your detoxification organs and learn how you can optimally support them.


🍏 Detox cure suitable for everyday use: Learn practical instructions for a successful detox cure


DETOX training for your mind:

Dive into the world of mental detox, expose limiting beliefs and emotions, and stop them for more inner balance.


🌈 Mind Shifting Introduction: Experience inspiring talks, self-reflection and exercises to transform your mindset and promote positive change.


🔄 Anchoring change: Learn how to permanently integrate change into your life - with concrete behavioral examples and practical exercises.

DETOX-Mindfulness & Embodiment:


🧘 Support your mind and body detox with a refreshing session of detox yoga

Deepen the detox into your body fibers with a detox fascia workout


🌈 Relax and consolidate changes with mind-shift meditation


Detox your body and mind for a new, revitalized you!


Join in and experience the change.

399€ - early bird until 23.2.2024: 349€  


Only limited spaces available already!


Request enrollment now!

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