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NCS Training

NCS Training

You want change for yourself or your team?

No more theory - just practice!
Learn about neuroscientific tools that make change not only tangible, but also plannable. And how to IMPLEMENT them sustainably!

Why is the NCS training suitable for me?

Typical challenges

Our everyday life is stressful! 
Especially in times of big changes we quickly find ourselves in survival mode. We feel insecurity, frustration or fear, commonly known as stress.


So it is not surprising in these days and time - where we are exposed to numerous sources of stress -  that we spend about 70% of our time (mostly unconsciously) in stress. The associated effects on body and psyche are reflected in the fact that 60-80% of all visits to the doctor are due to emotional stress.

Stress factors and insecurities have many different faces and causes, here are just a few CHALLENGES:

  • Communication in the professional and private environment: with family, team, superiors.

  • Health: from bringing more balance and immune strength into life, living a healthy lifestyle to dealing with serious illnesses (yourself and close ones) 

  • Dealing with stress and ever-increasing complexity in daily live

  • 'Controlling' fears, worries, anger and other emotions

  • Procrastination, time-wasting or other behaviours that are experienced as unsatisfying.



What will I take away from the NCS training?

Sustainable results

Mastering change and gaining joy in life!
In order to facilitate positive and conscious change, we need to redirect ourselves from survival and stress to creating our future. This course teaches you how this can successful be done in a structured and predictable process.
Change is the only constant, now more than ever.  If we learn to truly master change as individuals and as a company, we will be prepared for any future.

Changes that participants were able to implement sustainably - and that you can achieve:

  • Bring love, enjoyment and lightness into your life.

  • Understand emotional intelligence and resilience and learn tools to live them sustainably

  • Relearn how to deal with stress and negative emotions

  • Live change consciously and break patterns sustainably

  • Re-conditioning your brain to use new ways instead of repeating old habits

  • Overcome frameworks that prevent me from changing 

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